•  Recent outstanding improvements in APK size, memory use, and startup time, all due to :esawin’s efforts in bug 1291424.

APK Size

You can see the size of every build on treeherder using Perfherder.

Here’s how the APK size changed over the quarter, for mozilla-central Android 4.0 API15+ opt builds:


As seen in the past, the APK size seems to gradually increase over time. But this quarter there is a pleasant surprise, with a recent very large improvement. That is :esawin’s change from bug 1291424. Nice!



We track some memory metrics using test_awsy_lite.


Again, there is a tremendous improvement with bug 1291424. Thankyou :esawin!


This section tracks Perfherder graphs for mozilla-central builds of Firefox for Android, for Talos tests run on Autophone, on android-6-0-armv8-api15. The test names shown are those used on treeherder. See https://wiki.mozilla.org/Buildbot/Talos for background on Talos.


An svg-only number that measures SVG rendering performance. About half of the tests are animations or iterations of rendering. This ASAP test (tsvgx) iterates in unlimited frame-rate mode thus reflecting the maximum rendering throughput of each test. The reported value is the page load time, or, for animations/iterations – overall duration the sequence/animation took to complete. Lower values are better.


Generic page load test. Lower values are better.


No significant improvements or regressions noted for tsvgx or tp4m.


Throbber Start / Throbber Stop

Browser startup performance is measured on real phones (a variety of popular devices).

Here’s a quick summary for the local blank page test on various devices:


Again, there is an excellent performance improvement with bug 1291424. Yahoo!

See bug 953342 to track autophone throbber regressions (none this quarter).