Firefox for Android Performance Measures – Q2 Check-up




  • gradual increases in APK size and memory use
  • not much change in tsvgx or tp4m
  • autophone throbber data available in perfherder

APK Size

You can see the size of every build on treeherder using Perfherder.

Here’s how the APK size changed over the quarter, for mozilla-central Android 4.0 API15+ opt builds:



APK size generally grew, generally in small increments. Our APK is about 1.3 MB larger today than it was 3 months ago. The largest increase, of about 400 KB around May 4, was caused by and discussed in bug 1260208. The largest decrease, of about 200 KB around April 25, was caused by bug 1266102.

For the same period, also generally grew gradually:




We track some memory metrics using test_awsy_lite.


These memory measurements are fairly steady over the quarter, with a gradual increase over time.


This section tracks Perfherder graphs for mozilla-central builds of Firefox for Android, for Talos tests run on Autophone, on android-6-0-armv8-api15. The test names shown are those used on treeherder. See for background on Talos.


An svg-only number that measures SVG rendering performance. About half of the tests are animations or iterations of rendering. This ASAP test (tsvgx) iterates in unlimited frame-rate mode thus reflecting the maximum rendering throughput of each test. The reported value is the page load time, or, for animations/iterations – overall duration the sequence/animation took to complete. Lower values are better.


Generic page load test. Lower values are better.


No significant improvements or regressions noted for tsvgx or tp4m.


Throbber Start / Throbber Stop

Browser startup performance is measured on real phones (a variety of popular devices).

For the first time on this blog, I’ve pulled this graph from Perfherder, rather than phonedash. A wealth of throbber start/throbber stop data is now available in Perfherder. Here’s a quick summary for the local blank page test on various devices:


See bug 953342 to track autophone throbber regressions.



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