Treeherder builds are now producing two separate APKs for Android arm, each targeting a different Android API range — see bug 1073772 for discussion and details.

Instead of seeing:


You should now see:


Notice that Instead of a single Android Opt arm build (used for both Android 2.3 opt and Android 4.0 opt tests), there are now two separate builds: Android 2.3 API9 opt and Android 4.0 API10+ opt. There is a very similar change for Android Debug arm builds. Android x86 builds are unchanged.

This change affects try pushes for Android arm, because the builder names have changed. Instead of:

try: -b o -p android

you should use:

try: -b o -p android-api-9,android-api-11 …

Unfortunately, “-p android” no longer matches any builder name, so if you forget to update your try syntax, your push will not build on Android and you won’t run any tests — oops!