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We now have two new try aliases which will be of interest to some mobile developers.

Android 2.3 tests run xpcshell tests in 3 chunks, which can be specified in a try push:

try: … -u xpcshell-1,xpcshell-2,xpcshell-3

but since all other test platforms run xpcshell as a single chunk, it’s easy to forget about Android 2.3’s chunks and push something like:

try: -b o -p all -u xpcshell -t none

…and then wonder why xpcshell tests didn’t run for Android 2.3!

As of today, a new try alias recognizes “xpcshell” to mean “run all the xpcshell test chunks”.

Similarly, a new try alias recognizes “robocop” to mean “run all the robocop test chunks”.

An example: https://tbpl.mozilla.org/?tree=Try&rev=e52bcf945dcd


How convenient!

(Of course, “-u xpcshell-1”, “-u robocop-2, robocop-3”, etc still work and you should use them if you only need to run specific chunks.)

Thanks to :Callek and :RyanVM for making this happen.