Today, we started running some Android 4.0 Debug mochitests and js-reftests on tbpl.

Screenshot from 2014-03-31 12:13:10b

“Android 4.0 Debug” tests run on Pandaboards running Android 4.0, just like the existing “Android 4.0 Opt” tests which have been running for some time. Unlike the Opt tests, the Debug tests run debug builds, with more log messages than Opt and notably, assertions. The “complete logcats” can be very useful for these jobs — see Complete logcats for Android tests.

Other test suites – the remaining mochitests chunks, robocop, reftests, etc – run on Android 4.0 Debug only on the Cedar tree at this time. They mostly work, but have failures that make them too unreliable to run on trunk trees. Would you like to see more Android 4.0 Debug tests running? A few test failures are all that is blocking us from running the remainder of our test suites. See Bug 940068 for the list of known failures.