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The Robocop test suite continues to evolve, providing more and more UI-level testing for Firefox for Android. Recently added tests include:


testOrderedBroadcast and testSharedPreferences are examples of hybrid tests that make xpcshell-like assertions in Javascript, in a page loaded by the full browser, inside the Robocop framework. These leverage exciting infrastructure changes landed by :nalexander in bug 870908.

Of course, Robocop has had its share of problems too. We have had to disable some tests because of repeated failures. There is active, on-going work to fix and re-enable some disabled tests, but I fear that we have all but forgotten others. I am concerned about these long-disabled tests:

# [test_bug720538] # see bug 746876
# [testPasswordEncrypt] # see bug 824067
# [testThumbnails] # see bug 813107
# [testPermissions] # see bug 757475
# [testJarReader] # see bug 738890

Do you have insight into any of these neglected tests? Want to see them enabled ASAP? Or is it time to remove them completely? Let me know — :gbrown on #mobile.