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With almost every build of Firefox for Android, we run many performance tests and take numerous performance measurements. Big performance regressions – or big improvements – are easily noticed, but smaller changes and trends over time are harder to track. We have lots of data, we even have graphs of the data, but still it seems there is too much to take in — and too much to keep up with over time.

Here is my attempt to summarize performance measurements for Firefox for Android, for August 2012. If there is interest, I will put together a similar summary each month.


This section shows Perfomatic graphs from graphs.mozilla.org for mozilla-central builds of Native Fennec (Android opt). The test names shown are those used on tbpl. See https://wiki.mozilla.org/Buildbot/Talos for background on Talos.

Regrettably, some of these graphs are nearly impossible to read because the scale of the y-axis is completely inappropriate; we’re working on that and hope to see this problem resolved in time for next month’s summary.


tdhtml_nochrome results for August 2012

1236.29 (start of month) – 914.647 (end of month).


69.965 (start of month) – 221.62 (end of month)


2757.46 (start of month) – 1435.16 (end of month)


2576.33 (start of month) – 1860.86 (end of month)


34897.2 (start of month) – 37372.2 (end of month)


361.5 (start of month) – 366.25 (end of month)


7123.45 (start of month) – 7042.73 (end of month)


792.175 (start of month) – 739.475 (end of month)


84065800 (start of month) – 82167700 (end of month)


25208800 (start of month) – 25205600 (end of month)


3045.16 (start of month) – 2982.05 (end of month)


25204300 (start of month) – 25203800 (end of month)

Throbber Start / Throbber Stop

These graphs are taken from http://mrcote.info/phonedash/#/.  Browser startup performance is measured on real phones.
“Time to throbber start” measures the time from process launch to the start of the throbber animation.

“Time to throbber stop” measures the time from process launch to the end of the throbber animation.


These graphs are taken from http://wrla.ch/eideticker/dashboard/#/. Eideticker is a performance harness that measures user perceived performance of web browsers by video capturing them in action and subsequently running image analysis on the raw result. More info at: https://wiki.mozilla.org/Project_Eideticker

(There are more Eideticker graphs, but that’s all the screenshotting I can stand!)